Voices for Biodiversity


1% for the Planet

- Mar 19, 2018

Global movement 1% for the Planet inspires businesses and individuals to support environmental solutions through annual membership and everyday actions. They also advise on giving strategies and certify donations to amplify the impact of their network.

Animal-Kind International

- Mar 19, 2018

Animal-Kind International raises much-needed funds for their partner Animal Rescue and Protection Organizations. Their partners in resource-poor countries work in their communities to help animals and to change attitudes and behaviors toward them. Animal-Kind International partners have the necessary experience, drive, skills and knowledge, but need financial support as it's difficult to raise money for animal rescue and protection in their countries.

Animal Kindness Beyond Borders

Cheetah Conservation Fund

- Mar 19, 2018

Cheetah Conservation Fund is the world’s leading organization dedicated to saving the cheetah in the wild. Founded by Dr. Laurie Marker in 1990, CCF has created a set of integrated programs aimed at addressing the principle threats to the cheetah.

Forecasting a Future for Cheetahs

Saving Big Cats: an interview with Dr. Laurie Marker

Ecological Citizen

- Mar 19, 2018

The Ecological Citizen

The Ecological Citizen is a peer-reviewed, free-to-access journal that provides a forum for inspiring and mobilizing discussion with an Earth-centered perspective. Published online twice a year by a small team of volunteers, it has no financial affiliations and no publication charges. The journal's core aims are: to advance ecological knowledge; to champion Earth-centered action; to inspire ecocentric citizenship; to promote ecocentrism in political debates; and to nurture an ecocentric lexicon.

Elephant Voices

- Mar 19, 2018

Elephant Voices works to advance the study of elephant cognition, communication and social behavior, and to promote the scientifically sound, ethical management and care of elephants. Elephant Voices accomplishes these through research, conservation, advocacy and the sharing of knowledge.

Critical Time for Elephants in the Wild

E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation

- Mar 19, 2018

The E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation fosters a knowing stewardship of our world through biodiversity research and education initiatives that promote and inform worldwide preservation of our biological heritage. The E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation believes that by enhancing the public’s understanding of biodiversity, they can nurture a culture in which people are inspired to conserve and protect the natural world.

Learning at the E.O. Wilson Biophilia Center

The Future of Life

Field Institute of Taos

- Mar 19, 2018

Field Institute of Taos

Based in the Taos, New Mexico, area and beyond, Field Institute of Taos has been connecting youth with the natural world and encouraging healthy, active lifestyles since 1996. Their vision includes developing a strong sense of place and building community connections. Unique, outdoor education programs include summer day camps, camping/backpacking trips, school experiential education (on and off campus), conservation education, after-school programs, an inclusive, family-oriented cycling team, a high school mountain bike team and FIT Neighborhood camp. Field Institute of Taos is active in collaborative efforts within the community, working with other nonprofit organizations as well as local schools and public land managers.

By providing positive, healthy opportunities for experiencing hands-on nature exploration and outdoor skills development, these programs help youth develop good mental and physical health while connecting with the local environment. A strong mentorship component runs through all Field Institute of Taos programs, where youth and adults are encouraged to share their knowledge and support each other.


Global Conservation Assistance

- Mar 19, 2018

A new and innovative organization of social and environmental entrepreneurs, Global Conservation Assistance is dedicated to sustaining our natural environments through poverty reduction. Global Conservation Assistance builds networks and assists communities, government and businesses with projects that integrate poverty reduction and ecosystem protection.

Hands Across the Sea

- Mar 19, 2018

Hands Across the Sea seeks nothing less than the transformation of the child literacy landscape in the Eastern Caribbean. Every year, they send thousands of great new books — over 247,000 since 2007 — that have been requested by educators through their Hands Wish Lists. They help schools (from pre-school to high school), reading programs, and community libraries to create or rejuvenate lending libraries. 

Kalahari People’s Fund

- Mar 19, 2018

The Kalahari Peoples Fund (KPF) is a nonprofit organization formed for the benefit of the San and other peoples of the Kalahari Desert region in southern Africa. KPF is a non-government advocacy group composed of anthropologists, development workers, and other interested individuals who have worked closely with the San or are familiar with the situations they are dealing with. KPF’s function is to act as a channel of communication between southern African peoples and the wider world, bringing information about their hopes and needs to interested individuals, groups, and agencies who are able to help them.

Navigating Human Wildlife Conflict in the Kalahari

Kiliii Yüyan Photography

- Mar 19, 2018

Kiliii Yüyan is an indigenous Nanai photographer whose award-winning documentary work has been published by National Geographic China, The Nature Conservancy and Der Spiegel, and exhibited around the world. On assignment, he has fled collapsing sea ice, weathered botulism from fermented whale blood and found kinship at the edges of the world. He is based in Seattle.

Kiliii works to understand and promote the lessons of indigenous and subsistence cultures — those who live close to the land. Against a backdrop of ecological upheaval, Kiliii has found hope. He carries that hope through his photography, showing us the essential connection to nature that has kept traditional cultures alive for millennia. His work offers an alternative vision of humanity’s greatest treasures — community, culture and the earth.  

Leopold Writing Program

- Mar 19, 2018

The Leopold Writing Program builds on Aldo Leopold’s legacy as a writer by inspiring the next generation to participate in the evolution of environmental ethics through the written word. The Program creates an intergenerational network of leaders who, by virtue of their writing talent, have the potential to change the cultural story about the relationship between humans and nature.