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English county creates otter underpass

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Otter CrossingEarlier this year officials in Hereforshire County, located in the West Midlands area of England, built an underground passage to help lead otters to the other side of Road A438 safely. Otters crossing the busy highway were frequently struck and killed by oncoming traffic. Traffic related otter deaths are not limited to this area – more than 400 otters die a year on roads in the UK.

“Otters are very, very clever, and if they see another way to cross the road they will take it. This has been proven in many, many places and it has already saved many lives,” said one advocate of the otter tunnels.

Residents and local otter lovers hope their tunnel will save otter lives. The tunnel under road A438 was built as part of the Yazor Brook flood defense project. Otter crossing signs have also been erected along that section of the highway,  and nature lovers will continue to patrol the road as volunteer otter crossing guards.

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