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Himalayan Stove Project

Himalayan Stove Project (HSP) is a humanitarian program founded by George Basch — also their “chief cook” — in 2010. Its mission is to donate and distribute clean-burning, fuel-efficient EnviroFit cook stoves to Nepalese families living in remote Himalayan villages. These stoves reduce indoor household air pollution by 70% to 90% over the traditional, rudimentary stoves or open fire pits inside their homes.

EnviroFit stoves not only reduce deadly smoke and carbon monoxide, they also reduce fuel consumption by 60% while still allowing the Nepalese families to use their traditional fuel sources, be it wood or dung. Families who collect wood for fuel spend an average of two hours a day collecting wood. Families who purchase wood can spend up to a third of their household income on it.

The stoves they distribute are made by EnviroFit, a highly regarded social enterprise that has manufactured and delivered over one million modern, improved and clean-burning cook stoves worldwide since 2003.

HSP has transformed the lives of more than 40,000 Nepalese since 2010 with its clean cook stove program and is committed to continuing this humanitarian work.

Clean Stoves and Healthy Forests