Voices for Biodiversity

Marine Conservation Without Borders

Marine Conservation without Borders (MCwB) believes that biodiversity and linguistic diversity are intimately intertwined, and supports this by engaging Indigenous groups in the fishing communities of the greater Caribbean basin in discussions about the significance of ecosystem literacy in their daily lives. Prior to endangerment by global demand, these communities supported their region’s biodiversity by practicing peaceful and complementary relations within these complex ecosystems. MCwB supports the renewal of these relations, in part through a series of textbooks devoted to protecting these fisheries’ future by contextualizing conservation biology within the traditional ecological knowledge of these Indigenous fishing communities — enabling both linguistic and biological diversity to thrive together. MCwB has begun publishing eBooks on mangrove ecosystems in multiple home languages of the region. Others on a range of topics related to sustainable tropical marine ecosystems, such as climate change, macro-plastics and marine protected areas, are soon to come. Their eBooks are available free in MCwB’s Digital Library and are also on record at the Archive of Indigenous Languages of Latin America.