Voices for Biodiversity

San Youth Network

San Youth Network (SYNet) is a non-governmental organization for young San peoples living in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe. Its aspiration is to bring together San youth to share their experiences and their diversity. San groups face common problems even though they live in different political, economic, societal and geographical regions. SYNet is a platform where youth of different dialects can freely advocate for and share ideas with each other. This creates a strong and sensitive environment that helps them display their common interests, and their desire to change the status quo in their respective countries and be respected members of society. San peoples have historically been marginalized in regions that oppose the concept of their indigenousness, and are often among the poorest. SYNet advocates for their rights to access and inclusion, placing them in a better position to make informed decisions and be strong leaders who look out for the best interests of all San peoples.