Voices for Biodiversity

Western Landowners Alliance

Western Landowners Alliance

The Western Landowners Alliance (WLA) was established by landowners to improve the ecological health and economic prosperity of working lands in the American West.

WLA recognizes that economic vitality and conservation go hand in hand. In the American West, private lands encompass some of the most productive and biologically diverse landscapes, including the majority of water resources. They also provide crucial habitat, wildlife corridors and harbor the majority of imperiled species. Private landowners thus play pivotal role in shaping the future.

WLA provides a collective voice, a peer network and a shared knowledge base for landowners striving to keep the land whole and healthy. We bring the perspective of landowners to bear on the major issues of the day, advancing pragmatic, common-ground solutions that sustain working lands, connected landscapes and native species.

Through our individual stewardship and collective action, we are committed to leaving the world a better place.