Peregrine Fund

- May 21, 2019

The Peregrine Fund changes the future for nature and humanity by conserving birds of prey worldwide. Whether the threat is poisoning, habitat loss, human persecution or any other cause, they use sound science to tackle the most pressing conservation issues head-on.  They accomplish high impact results by preventing raptor extinctions, protecting areas of high raptor conservation value and addressing landscape-level threats impacting multiple species. As a catalyst for change, they inspire people to value raptors and take action, and they invest in tomorrow's conservation leaders.  By working with communities around the world to protect the wildlife and habitats on which they depend, The Peregrine Fund is able to create lasting conservation results while improving people’s ways of life.  Support for their work comes from individual donors, corporations, foundations and government grants.

Project Coyote

- May 21, 2019

Project Coyote is a national non-profit organization based in Northern California whose mission is to promote compassionate conservation and coexistence between people and wildlife through education, science and advocacy. Our representatives, advisory board members and supporters include scientists, educators, ranchers and citizen leaders who work together to change laws and policies to protect native carnivores from abuse and mismanagement, advocating coexistence instead of killing. We seek to change negative attitudes toward coyotes, wolves and other misunderstood predators by replacing ignorance and fear with understanding, respect and appreciation.

Restore the Earth Foundation

- Oct 01, 2022

Restore the Earth Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation with a mission to restore the Earth’s essential forest and wetland ecosystems. They are currently working to restore one million acres within the Mississippi Alluvial Valley — North America’s Amazon.

Reza Visual Academy

- Apr 17, 2018

Convinced that the language of images can help create a sense of resiliency, renowned photojournalist Reza created the Reza Visual Academy to implement photo-training workshops for youths living in precarious civil societies such as refugee camps and disadvantaged suburbs all over the world, including France, Iraqi Kurdistan, Mali, Italy and Argentina.

Photography is used as a tool to empower youth by training them to become active witnesses of their destinies. They learn how to express themselves using the latest information and communication tools. The overall aim is to promote self-esteem and self-sufficiency in order to develop a stable and peaceful society.

Rivers & Birds

- Jun 23, 2022

Rivers & Birds’ mission is to advocate for conservation of our public lands and provide experiential environmental education that celebrates the interconnection of all life, inspiring individuals to be leaders for Earth stewardship and peace.

San Youth Network

- Apr 17, 2018

San Youth Network (SYNet) is a non-governmental organization for young San peoples living in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe. Its aspiration is to bring together San youth to share their experiences and their diversity. San groups face common problems even though they live in different political, economic, societal and geographical regions. SYNet is a platform where youth of different dialects can freely advocate for and share ideas with each other. This creates a strong and sensitive environment that helps them display their common interests, and their desire to change the status quo in their respective countries and be respected members of society. San peoples have historically been marginalized in regions that oppose the concept of their indigenousness, and are often among the poorest. SYNet advocates for their rights to access and inclusion, placing them in a better position to make informed decisions and be strong leaders who look out for the best interests of all San peoples.

Save the Giraffes

- Feb 02, 2019

Save The Giraffes is a 501(c)(3) organization, chartered in May 2017. The IUCN Red List categorizes giraffes as “Vulnerable” to extinction. Save the Giraffes’ mission is: “To guarantee that giraffes are protected and preserved in their natural habitat”. Using an ecosystems approach, we support conservation science and education programs that recognize giraffes as one component of the “economy of nature.”

We focus on a three-pronged strategy: support naturalistic studies of giraffe ecology and behavior among the subspecies threatened with extinction; support detailed studies of giraffe biology, physiology, genetics, and behavioral ecology of non-endangered subspecies to collect information that assists in saving threatened subspecies; and promote conservation education programs – especially among school children in host countries – that will train the children of today to become the conservation leaders and advocates of tomorrow.

Save the Manatee Club

- May 23, 2019

Save the Manatee Club is a national nonprofit and membership-based organization established in 1981 by singer/songwriter Jimmy Buffett and Bob Graham, former Florida Governor and U.S. Senator. Our mission is to protect manatees and their aquatic habitat for future generations. We concentrate our efforts on reducing the negative impacts to manatees and their aquatic habitat caused by human activity through increasing public awareness and education; sponsoring research, rescue, rehabilitation, and release efforts; advocating for strong protection measures, such as boat speed zones and sanctuaries; and taking legal action when appropriate.

Saving Nature

- Apr 17, 2018

At Saving Nature, we restore links between fragmented habitats to help rescue endangered and threatened species from extinction. In addition, the forests we create help fight climate change. As the native trees in our wildlife corridors grow back, they absorb carbon dioxide and create oxygen. Importantly, we work with local conservation groups who have the knowledge and experience to effectively restore forests, engage with local communities, and monitor results.

The team at Saving Nature selects strategic parcels of land that offer the greatest leverage in connecting habitat fragments to create viable areas to support biodiversity and preserve critical ecosystems. Notably, these connections unlock the potential for species recolonization, promote genetic diversity, expand access to resources, and reduce human-wildlife conflict.

Science Debate

- Apr 17, 2018

Science Debate asks candidates, elected officials, the public and the media to put more focus on science policy issues of vital importance to modern life. As a registered 501(c)(3), Science Debate is nonpartisan. They encourage everyone to ask candidates to discuss and debate science and technology policies for the well-being of our nation and society. 

SEE Turtles

- May 21, 2019

SEE Turtles was launched in 2008 as the world's first effort to protect turtle species through ecotourism. Since then, SEE Turtles has generated more than $1 million in benefits to conservation and local communities, helped save more than 1 million endangered hatchlings, and launched a worldwide campaign to end demand for turtleshell products. For these efforts, they received the World Travel & Tourism Council’s 2019 Changemakers Award.


- Apr 17, 2018

SEEtheWILD is a leading channel for responsible wildlife conservation experiences. SEEtheWILD promotes tour operators and non-profit organizations that balance strong records of sustainable operations with a commitment to conservation. Their partners are committed to: unwavering support of wildlife conservation efforts; offering strong educational and applied learning programs; and reducing environmental impact in the course of the operations and patronage of local businesses.