Voices for Biodiversity


San Youth Network

- Apr 17, 2018

San Youth Network (SYNet) is a non-governmental organization for young San peoples living in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe. Its aspiration is to bring together San youth to share their experiences and their diversity. San groups face common problems even though they live in different political, economic, societal and geographical regions. SYNet is a platform where youth of different dialects can freely advocate for and share ideas with each other. This creates a strong and sensitive environment that helps them display their common interests, and their desire to change the status quo in their respective countries and be respected members of society. San peoples have historically been marginalized in regions that oppose the concept of their indigenousness, and are often among the poorest. SYNet advocates for their rights to access and inclusion, placing them in a better position to make informed decisions and be strong leaders who look out for the best interests of all San peoples.

Save the Giraffes

- Feb 02, 2019

Save The Giraffes is a 501(c)(3) organization, chartered in May 2017. The IUCN Red List categorizes giraffes as “Vulnerable” to extinction. Save the Giraffes’ mission is: “To guarantee that giraffes are protected and preserved in their natural habitat”. Using an ecosystems approach, we support conservation science and education programs that recognize giraffes as one component of the “economy of nature.”

We focus on a three-pronged strategy: support naturalistic studies of giraffe ecology and behavior among the subspecies threatened with extinction; support detailed studies of giraffe biology, physiology, genetics, and behavioral ecology of non-endangered subspecies to collect information that assists in saving threatened subspecies; and promote conservation education programs – especially among school children in host countries – that will train the children of today to become the conservation leaders and advocates of tomorrow.

Save the Manatee Club

- May 24, 2019

Save the Manatee Club is a national nonprofit and membership-based organization established in 1981 by singer/songwriter Jimmy Buffett and Bob Graham, former Florida Governor and U.S. Senator. Our mission is to protect manatees and their aquatic habitat for future generations. We concentrate our efforts on reducing the negative impacts to manatees and their aquatic habitat caused by human activity through increasing public awareness and education; sponsoring research, rescue, rehabilitation, and release efforts; advocating for strong protection measures, such as boat speed zones and sanctuaries; and taking legal action when appropriate.


- Apr 17, 2018

SavingSpecies is a unique conservation organization because of the way they use science to drive their conservation decisions. They use GIS and species mapping technology to identify the hottest biodiversity hotspots, searching for areas where they can reconnect forest fragments to create wildlife corridors that increase habitat for the most rare and endangered species. This focus keeps costs down while being extraordinarily effective for many species across the globe.

A Conversation with Dr. Stuart Pimm

Science Debate

- Apr 17, 2018

Science Debate asks candidates, elected officials, the public and the media to put more focus on science policy issues of vital importance to modern life. As a registered 501(c)(3), Science Debate is nonpartisan. They encourage everyone to ask candidates to discuss and debate science and technology policies for the well-being of our nation and society. 

SEE Turtles

- May 21, 2019

SEE Turtles was launched in 2008 as the world's first effort to protect turtle species through ecotourism. Since then, SEE Turtles has generated more than $1 million in benefits to conservation and local communities, helped save more than 1 million endangered hatchlings, and launched a worldwide campaign to end demand for turtleshell products. For these efforts, they received the World Travel & Tourism Council’s 2019 Changemakers Award.


- Apr 17, 2018

SEEtheWILD is a leading channel for responsible wildlife conservation experiences. SEEtheWILD promotes tour operators and non-profit organizations that balance strong records of sustainable operations with a commitment to conservation. Their partners are committed to: unwavering support of wildlife conservation efforts; offering strong educational and applied learning programs; and reducing environmental impact in the course of the operations and patronage of local businesses.

Dead or Alive: The Promise of Tourism for Shark Conservation

SEEtheWILD and Saving the Sea Turtles Part I-VI

The Impact of El Salvador’s Ban on Consumption of Sea Turtles

Snow Leopard Trust

- Apr 17, 2018

The Snow Leopard Trust aims to protect this endangered cat through community-based conservation projects that improve the scientific understanding of snow leopard behavior, needs, habitats and threats.

Peaceful Coexistence: Snow Leopards and Humans share Pakistan’s Mountains

Children’s Book Author Crusades for Tibetan Wildlife

South Africa Conservation Fund

- Jun 20, 2019

The South African Conservation Fund is a registered nonprofit organization founded by Françoise Malby-Anthony, Managing Director of Thula Thula Private Game Reserve and widow of Lawrence Anthony, the well-known conservationist, explorer and international bestselling author of “The Elephant Whisperer”.

As part of the South Africa Conservation Fund, the Thula Thula Rhino Fund raises funds for the protection and preservation of the rhino population within the Thula Thula Private Game Reserve. Funding goes toward supplying much-needed equipment for counter-poaching activities, supporting crucial conservation initiatives and ensuring the ongoing survival of our rhinos.

Thula Thula is dedicated to the care, conservation and protection of endangered wildlife.

Species Alliance

- Apr 17, 2018

Species Alliance is a nonprofit organization committed to raising public awareness of the mass extinction and its implications for humanity and the rest of the living world. They are dedicated to exploring and facilitating creative, effective responses. Their aim is to stimulate changes in public policies and human behavior that will assure a healthy future for life on Earth.

Call of Life

Taos Environmental Film Festival

- Apr 17, 2018

Taos Environmental Film Festival

The annual Taos Environmental Film Festival (TEFF) showcases films honoring the land, environment and people — of New Mexico, the country and the world. It strives to represent all artistic disciplines, offering performances and lectures in addition to films to expand our knowledge of environmental topics and our engagement with environmental activism.

The festival was dreamed up by filmmaker, artist, world traveler and retired educator Jean Stevens, and organized through her diligence and hard work. Stevens believes artists can support important efforts to stop climate change by working together, and TEFF is an important fundraising event for organizations such as Amigos Bravos, Rivers & Birds, Renewable Taos, Taos Center for the Arts and SOMOS.

Terra Ethics

- Sep 14, 2021

Terra Ethics works to support the practical application of social and environmental equity. We do this by facilitating collaborative design through an ecosystems lens aimed at ethical sustainability in all sectors, from grassroots organizations to industry and policy. Our mission is to support cross-sector dialogue toward a paradigm shift that echoes the shared ecological frameworks we all share and depend on. Our vision is an economic system that fundamentally benefits from the wellbeing of people and planet.