Voices for Biodiversity
Building a Diverse Story-Sharing Community to Save Biodiversity

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Voices for Biodiversity is a participatory online magazine that educates and raises awareness about the biodiversity crisis by sharing stories and building a community around story-sharing.

Our magazine has worked with many eco-reporters from around the globe.

Consider becoming part of our team.

We have received Accolades from many individuals and organizations. In addition, we blog for National Geographic News Watch.

Who makes a good volunteer?

The following questions should provide you with insight into our core values and whether you'd make a good team member:

  • Do you care passionately about other species and the environment?
  • Do you believe that changing perceptions about our human place in the web of life can help reverse the current biodiversity crisis?
  • Are you independent and able to work with a virtual team?
  • Do you value relationships and support team work?
  • Does working with a conceptually cutting-edge organization excite you?

To become involved, contact our Human Resources Manager.