Elke Duerr

Elke Duerr

Elke Duerr

Writer, Photographer, Videographer

Elke Duerr is a writer, filmmaker, storyteller, photographer, author, teacher and the founder of the nonprofit Web of Life Foundation, W.O.L.F. Duerr is the author of Wolves and Humans: A New Story of Coexistence, which is about a healthy and thriving human/wolf relationship. Her articles and photography on harmonizing the human-wild animal-wild lands relationship have been published in the United States and Germany.

Her documentary “Stories of Wolves: The Lobo Returns” has received multiple awards, and her second documentary recently premiered in Albuquerque, New Mexico. “Bison Nation: Walking Sacred Sites” is about the last wild bison in the northern hemisphere.

Duerre conducts outreach presentations and workshops in schools and the larger community about the coexistence of humans, wild animals and wild lands. Elke loves to debunk myths and preconceived notions about animals and the natural world, and revolutionize the way we see and experience nature.

Elke divides her time between New Mexico, Montana and Europe.

Author links: www.elkeduerr.com and www.weboflifefoundation.net