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Pathway Toward Soul: The Film Journey

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"I Am the Light in Your Spirit

Which Shines Brightly Your Way
I Am the Flame in Your Soul
Which Burns Eternally with Passion
I Am the Love in Your Heart
Which Embraces All Whom You Touch
I Am Your Expression, You Are My Life
Made Manifest
In a World in Need of Your Wholeness"

I knew from a very early age how deeply I felt for the animal beings of the earth – their souls spoke to me through their innocent and trusting eyes, their unconditional love.

I remember my first dog, Princess, how I loved her, how she protected me. Then one day, the angels carried her over the rainbow bridge – I had lost my best friend. After a visit to the animal shelter came Junior, saved from death row, a gentle and loving being whom I adored and who made me smile with his playful nature. My father didn't like him. In fact, he disliked all animals; "dirty creatures," he would say. Jealous of the love I shared with Junior, he wanted no part of it. He was a desensitized man – a disconnected and lost soul with a hair trigger temper, commanding fear as his tactic of control and power over the innocent children he was supposed to love and protect.

One day, he seized the opportunity he was waiting for and let Junior loose to run in the streets. Within minutes, Junior was dead, hit by a car, never to breathe life again. He was just a puppy, his whole life ahead of him, eradicated in the blink of an eye by a soulless act. My body numb, I could barely breathe. I sobbed uncontrollably, a deep pain in my heart, an unfathomable realization that my own father had betrayed me with his cruel intentions for the precious being I loved so dearly. On that day, he took my innocence from me.

Many weekends, my father would come home from his hunting trips carting the lifeless body of a defenseless animal, showing it off like a trophy he was so proud of. One rainy day when I was about seven years old, I sat gazing out the front window of my childhood home, mesmerized by the trickling rain. I held my breath, as I watched him pull into the driveway, a dead fawn tied to the roof of his car. He stepped out of the car wearing his red flannel jacket and a grin on his face. As he removed the lifeless body of this baby deer, I saw its eyes glazed with terror – the same terror I felt at the hands of my father.

As a child, I felt life at a very deep level, perceiving beyond what the eyes could see. Staring into the eyes of that fawn, I felt its soul and the anguish and suffering this precious being had endured before its untimely death, torn from its mother who was most likely murdered before its innocent eyes.

In that fateful moment, I knew in my heart that I would spend the rest of my life striving to protect these innocent beings from the same tragic fate at the hands of "humans" who are not human at all, for they have no beating heart nor blood running through their veins ... only the blood of innocent victims on their hands.

Human (definition) = Composed of people showing kindness, compassion; a human being.

Any life worth living comes with a commitment to fulfill our destiny, our reason for being. This film is my destiny, for I hold passion in my heart to awaken consciousness, to shine the light unto the darkness where it can be seen and transcended. I believe we are all here to live our passion, to speak our voice, and in so doing, contribute to the frequency of love on our planet. The power lies in our hearts.

This film is my most challenging and the most critical, with the potential to transform the face of fur fashion, save the lives of countless animals around the world, awaken humanity on our planet, and help heal the "condition of disconnect" in our society.

As I view footage from supporters – Humane Society International, HSUS, PETA and others – I must catch my breath, as I bear witness to sadistic cruelty, gruesome torment and merciless deaths of defenseless animals at the hands of "industry" with no regard or respect for life. The perpetrators and the people who support such atrocity disconnect from its cruelty and perpetuate the condition. Unless we heal the source of inhumanity, the disease will prevail. Any lesser remedy will be akin to applying a bandage to a severed limb.

The release of my movie trailer has elicited profound responses from around the globe, from people moved and deeply affected, outraged by the inhumanity. Anger (however warranted) will not invoke change, just as war will never bring about peace. Anger is a form of self-abuse, which only serves to empower the dark forces we are attempting to eradicate. The truth remains that the nemesis will continue to thrive until we speak our voices – our purchasing power is our strength and a vital force in the awakening.

This precedent-setting film will delve into the core of the human condition, its effect on society, the animals, the earth, and the longevity of compassion, love, and humanity on our planet. When we can come to understand the impetus that propels the darkness, only then can we induce the light and illuminate consciousness. Only then can the driving force for lasting change occur. Only then can all living beings and the earth reside as ONE.

I struggle to find peace when I know the suffering these loving beings endure – unbearable torment and gruesome death for the sake of fashion, self-aggrandizement, absorption with ego, and greed. Every year, more than 50 MILLION fur-bearing animals are brutally KILLED for FASHION. Defenseless dogs, cats, baby seals, foxes, minks, rabbits, raccoons, and other innocents endure unimaginable cruelty, slaughtered without mercy so that their skins can be made into coats, trim, even trinkets.

To address the issues of the fur industry is to address the complexity of the human condition and our collective consciousness, which perceives fur as a commodity rather than as the skin of a once living, sentient being. The slaughter of millions of animals for the skin on their bodies reflects a paradigm of a more expansive nemesis permeating our world.

What is the state of our world's conscience when we can tolerate the barbaric act of a sentient being skinned alive and empower the industry that profits from such atrocity? China is one of the world's largest suppliers of animal skins. More than 95 percent of China's finished fur garments are exported for sale overseas, and more than half are sold in the United States. Canada's annual seal hunt is the largest slaughter of marine mammals on the planet, subsidized by the Canadian government, with more than one million baby seals killed in the past three years, most as young as 12 days, too young to know how to swim to save their lives, the majority killed before they have eaten their first solid meal.

What is the price an innocent animal must pay in the name of ego consciousness? No federal humane slaughter law or restrictions exist to protect animals on fur factory farms.Killing methods are gruesome, resulting in the unbearable torment and excruciating deaths of defenseless animals.

Does our love of "luxury" outweigh the value of human compassion and empathy? Driven by demand, the globalization of the fur trade has made it impossible to know where fur products come from. In a majority of the cases, the animals were likely slaughtered and skinned alive on an unregulated Chinese fur farm where they endure gruesome cruelty and merciless death.

What is the state of society's consciousness when man's "best friend" and "feline companion" are heinously killed for the fur trim on our coats and accessories? Where are the laws to protect them? And why do we continue to invest in China and export their products to North America? The dog and cat fur trade in China, a largely unknown animal protection issue, is an atrocity of inhumanity. Many are someone's beloved companions, stolen from their guardians. The animals languish in tiny cages, piled on top of one another, transported in deplorable conditions, thrown from trucks, all so that their skins can be turned into coats, trim and trinkets. The majority of fur-trimmed products and items labeled as "faux fur" or "synthetic" may likely be real fur, mostly from cats and dogs.

Veterinary reports have concluded that the fur trade inflicts "unacceptable suffering", with many animals skinned alive while still conscious and able to feel pain. What compels anyone with a beating heart to look into the innocent eyes of a loving being and take away its breath of life? What is the condition that disconnects the heart (the organ that gives life) to the suffering and death caused by such inhumanity? How could anyone feel glamorous wearing the skin of a dead animal on her back – are they not comfortable in their own skin? How little do we value ourselves if so much value is given to everything outside of ourselves? Does what we are choosing reflect what we most deeply cherish? These are some of the questions this film asks in an attempt to unearth the underlying source of harm in our society and to engender a paradigm of humanity, compassion, love and respect on our planet.

The animals, the earth, the human species are ONE inseparable soul energy. When we disconnect from our interconnectedness, we live a barren life separated from soul. When we disconnect from the suffering of sentient beings, we disconnect from our own suffering.

The survival of the planet is at stake. It must rely on a higher vibration to sustain itself: The energy of restoration over destruction. Evolution of the human spirit is at hand.

The animal kingdom is the conduit to the light, to our own evolution – that is the sacrifice they are making on planet earth. Their unconditional love is a channel to self-love and the awakening of our planet.

Now I face the challenge of completing, this critical film for the animals – for their souls, for our souls, for the soul of the planet – to reveal the spiritual truth of ego consciousness and its consequential effect. Requests are pouring in to view the film, and it is my hope that my efforts to complete this film will soon be realized with the support of the angels of light in this world who will align with me to transform consciousness.

The animals are crying out in my dreams, hoping in their hearts that someone will care enough to save them. Their images haunt me: innocent beings who do not understand why they are being tortured and murdered with such brutality. I cannot imagine the terror they feel watching their fellow cage mates strangled and stabbed to death in front of their innocent eyes, their skin ripped from their sacred bodies, knowing they will be next. I must take a stand for these defenseless animals, for they cannot take a stand for themselves.

In my mission to save these treasured beings of the earth, they have also saved me. On that fateful day, staring into the lifeless eyes of that precious fawn, I understood in that transcendent moment of realization the revelatory truth spoken by the voice of my inner child... "Protect the innocent beings of this world" – empowering herself to mend the broken pieces of her own heart to make her whole.

The words flowed from the recesses of my soul, an invisible power ... What's the legacy you want to leave? The voiceless cries of the innocents spoke volumes to me. The power of respect will change our world.

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"A revealing new film explores the psychological and spiritual factors that contribute to animal cruelty in the fur industry. Rather than merely covering tales of brutality, Cry of the Innocent: The Voices that Can't Speak interprets from the "soul perspective" in an attempt to explore the underlying source of animal abuse and the subsequent disconnection in society. As Lowson has stated: "The power of respect will change our world" - respect for ourselves and respect for life." - National Geographic News Watch

"The innocent in the title of Lowson's movie are the estimated 50 million animals that are slaughtered annually for their fur for the sake of fashion... Lowson doesn't follow the temptation to communicate her message with stark visuals. Instead, she takes the more sensitive road. Lowson has recently released her film trailer in an effort to bring attention to what she believes are the deeper implications of the killing of animals for fur, and to raise funding for the completion of her film." - Chicago Examiner

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