Whale swimming - photo by Guille Pozzi - photo by Guille Pozzi

The Mighty Giraffe

Silent steps of evolution, highest height of all the world. 
Of all the world a graceful trot,
so fast, yet so slow through the savannah,
where the elephants trumpet and blow.
Your long purple tongue so strong, and so speechless
you eat the thorns of a tree of a foliage,
that resembles barbed wire fence.
If you could speak, you would tell us,
the ways of living in peace, with no menacing gaze.
If you could speak, my friend, you would tell us
how to revive ourselves, or what we have done.
We have blackened the earth and sullied our air,
we have killed your friends,
for nothing but the triumph of money
and the triumph of cash, no matter                                       
who we are deep inside, we’re sorry for this.
Despite the commandments, despite the laws,
we have done what we wish and transformed
rainforests to deserts and savannahs to dust,
we have escaped the laws of nature,
the true laws that keep all animals from destroying the earth.
From your unjudging heights
you look down upon us.
You see so much that you know the answers,
you are the messenger of knowledge itself.  You are the mighty giraffe.