Orange fish in the ocean - photo by Hiroko Yoshii - photo by Hiroko Yoshii

Children and Conservation: An art gallery from nature

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Witness the artistic expressions of Izilwane Youth!

In the summer of 2011, Izilwane interns Carolyn Lopez and Anne Da Silva developed and conducted a series of art classes that helped children of all ages connect to the natural world around them. Through a unique approach to conservation education, our eager interns helped students express this connection through various types of art.

The photographs featured here demonstrate what our youth are experiencing in their environment and how impressionable those experiences can be to young minds. These creations have been inspired both by youth enveloped in a biologically-diverse community for as little as a single day and by those spending their lives surrounded by constant reminders of nature's wonders. We invite you to take a tour through our gallery and discover our Izilwane Youth perspective.

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