Voices for Biodiversity

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Food As Medicine - 17-January-2020
Food As Medicine - 17-January-2020 1184

by Morgan Sanders

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- Mar 21, 2021
Ice Storm
Ice Storm 1193

by Kira Johnson

Visiting my father’s house, one year to the day after his death, I awoke to a world of ice.

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- Jan 10, 2018
Things We Don’t See in the Woods
Things We Don’t See in the Woods 970

by Ron Dans

I began my photographic journey around the age of 14, when my parents gave me a 120 Yashika camera. I was fascinated to see the upside-down image on the ground glass, and even more astounded when the prints…

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- Dec 13, 2017
Life as a Scientific Illustrator
Life as a Scientific Illustrator 917

by Laurel Mundy

I grew up drawing animals. Birds, bugs, whales, my cat, anything you can think of, including animals that didn’t exist. My best friend and I would sit for hours doing nothing else.

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- May 18, 2017
Connecting with Biodiversity Using Macro Photography
Connecting with Biodiversity Using Macro Photography 897

by Matthew Cicanese

In a  2013 article published by American Entomologist, a trio of authors contemplated the importance of macro photography in documenting biodiversity. In their abstract, they summarize: "Digital macrophotography…

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- Apr 11, 2017
Creating Ice Storms
Creating Ice Storms 807

by Lindsey Rustad

Ice storms are extreme winter weather events that inspire wonder and fear in people who live and work in northern temperate and boreal forests around the world. They are major causes of disturbance in…

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- Mar 20, 2016
The Matter of Life and Death
The Matter of Life and Death 745

by Kathleen Brennan

As a lifelong photographer and multi-disciplinary artist, I am repeatedly drawn to the harsh beauty of the elemental transformations that occur in our everyday lives. I have photographed birth, death,…

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- Feb 11, 2016
Drought in the Southwest
Drought in the Southwest 745

by Kathleen Brennan

Cycles of wet and dry have occurred for as long as the planet has been revolving around the sun, since dinosaurs roamed the shores of an inland sea that now makes up the Raton-Clayton volcanic field in…

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- Jul 26, 2015
Outsider Nature Art Photography
Outsider Nature Art Photography 564

by j. Madison Rink

If Rock|Stone speaks – what does it say? These fine-art, photographic, naturally-sculpted works, which underscore the magic and fluidity of perception, were chosen for inclusion in a pioneering 2010 publication.…

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- Sep 07, 2013
Malama `Aina: Taking Care of the Land
Malama `Aina: Taking Care of the Land 492

by Tannyr Carnes

The Hawaiian Islands are unique in that they are both inhabited and extremely isolated. This contributes to the complexity of their habitats and, ultimately, their vulnerability. Each island has a unique…

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- Jun 19, 2013
Old Man of the Forest
Old Man of the Forest 489

by Caroline Braker

Over the last several decades, human activity, including the development of palm oil plantations, has caused massive deforestation in the Borneo rainforest. More recently, the Malaysian government has…

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- Apr 15, 2013
The Flow of Changing Light
The Flow of Changing Light 486

by Lisa Bayne

Whether walking through an ancient rain forest in the Queen Charlotte Islands or hiking up a mountain in northern New Mexico, photographer Lisa Bayne is in awe of the endless variations and flow of changing…

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- Apr 01, 2013