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In Palm Oil’s Wake: an interview with Robert Hii
In Palm Oil’s Wake: an interview with Robert Hii 476

by Kathryn Pardo

There are already 8 million acres of land cleared for palm oil plantations in Indonesia and 9 million in Malaysia, and, according to Rainforest Action Network, the Indonesian government is already planning…

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- Aug 19, 2013
A Brief Biodiversity Explainer
A Brief Biodiversity Explainer 522

by Lillian Steenblik Hwang

You have probably read a lot of articles that mention biodiversity, but sometimes it can be unclear exactly what biodiversity is and how biodiversity loss impacts your life. As we enter the new year, here…

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- Feb 07, 2013
Rat Island
Rat Island 552

by Julia Osterman

The battles of island conservation come to life in Will Stolzenburg’s riveting tale. He recounts the efforts of determined conservationists to bring scores of wildlife back from the brink of extinction…

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- May 14, 2012
Ethnobotany and Ethnocide: an interview with Wade Davis
Ethnobotany and Ethnocide: an interview with Wade Davis 481

by Danielle Vilaplana

Loss of biodiversity and cultural diversity are inextricably linked in a developing world. While genocide is widely condemned, ethnocide – the complete destruction of entire cultures – is tacitly accepted…

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- May 07, 2012
Q&A with Luke Dollar
Q&A with Luke Dollar 552

by Julia Osterman

Luke Dollar, a conservation biologist whose work on the fossa in Madagascar has revealed much about an otherwise esoteric species, speaks about the importance of involving people in conservation, his research…

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- Apr 30, 2012
Searching for the Fossa
Searching for the Fossa 552

by Julia Osterman

Voices for Biodiversity’s Julia Osterman takes readers on a journey to the mysterious island of Madagascar, where she spent time researching the rare fossa, the largest native predator on the island. Julia…

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- Apr 16, 2012
Seeds of Light
Seeds of Light 516

by Becky Harmon

The Greater Timbavati Region of South Africa encompasses some of the most diverse habitats in the world and is home to the rare white lion and other species that occur nowhere else. For more than a decade,…

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- Jan 23, 2012
Revisiting Gay Bradshaw’s Work
Revisiting Gay Bradshaw’s Work 535

by Zoe Krasney

Gay Bradshaw, founder of The Kerulos Center and of trans-species psychology, discusses animal forgiveness, extinction and genocide with Voices for Biodiversity’s Zoe Krasney.

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- Oct 30, 2011
Taos Youth Biodiversity Art Project: Giving Children a Global Voice
Taos Youth Biodiversity Art Project: Giving Children a Global Voice 538

by Carolyn Lopez

Join our eager interns as they work to educate children about the natural world and the need to protect it through art.

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- Oct 17, 2011
Connecting Habitats: Thinking like a Roaming Species
Connecting Habitats: Thinking like a Roaming Species 514

by Alexander Gilbert

Large animal species like wolves and bears require vast amounts of land to find food and mates. However, their habitats have become increasingly fragmented as development encroaches on once-wild areas.…

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- Oct 10, 2011
Biodiversity Continues to Decrease
Biodiversity Continues to Decrease 476

by Kathryn Pardo

A new study, published in Marine Ecology Progress Series on July 28, shows that while protected areas are increasing throughout the world, they are not adequate to stymie the loss of biodiversity.

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- Sep 27, 2011
Elephant Sanctuary
Elephant Sanctuary 545

by John Michaloski

CHITWAN, NEPAL For three months, John Michaloski bathed, fed, and tended to elephants in Chitwan, Nepal, where he developed a relationship with an elephant named Sundar Kali. Here, John reflects on his…

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- Apr 20, 2011