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Loktak Lake: The World’s Only Floating Lake
Loktak Lake: The World’s Only Floating Lake 776

by Mohit Raj

Picture a lake where massive landmasses covered in shaggy green vegetation naturally generate over its surface. They have no base, yet still become so dense that they can bear not only the load of occupants,…

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- Jan 27, 2016
Zoos: Confinement or Conservation?
Zoos: Confinement or Conservation? 751

by Nathan Woosley

Four years ago, I was living with a couple of friends in Shenyang, Northeast China. We spent a lot of our time exploring old ruins, knockoff shops and other tourist traps throughout the industrial city.…

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- Dec 06, 2015
Look Deep Into Nature
Look Deep Into Nature 760

by Lourens Durand

The strident call of the Woodland Kingfisher proclaims the arrival of spring in South Africa, and the return of the bird from its winter visit to the north. Whilst enjoying a morning walk, we noticed a…

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- Oct 12, 2015
Forecasting a Future for Cheetahs
Forecasting a Future for Cheetahs 586

by Sarah Abdelrahim

Ecoreporter Sarah Abdelrahim interviews Dr. Laurie Marker of the nonprofit, A Future for Cheetahs, to gain insight on the global cheetah population, the key drivers in their decline, and recent successes…

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- May 11, 2015
Bringing Light to the Darkness
Bringing Light to the Darkness 548

by Brad Nahill

In May 2013, young and ambitious conservationist Jairo Mora Sandoval was abducted, beaten, and brutally murdered while protecting leatherback turtle nests on a beach on Costa Rica’s Atlantic coast. The…

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- Jun 03, 2014
The Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park
The Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park 511

by Clare Helen Galloway

Geologist and journalist Clare Galloway, whose artwork illustrates the stark beauty of life in southern Africa, lives on a game farm outside Okahanja, Namibia. Join her as she takes the reader on a journey…

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- Oct 28, 2013
Las Nutrias de Río
Las Nutrias de Río 470

by Teresa Dovalpage

La nutria de río (Lontra canadensis) es un mamífero semi acuático grande y fuerte, que pertenece a la familia Weasal. Son muy sociables, juguetonas y tienen una energía aparentemente ilimitada, así que…

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- Oct 14, 2013
Films for Kids: Wild and Scenic Film Festival
Films for Kids: Wild and Scenic Film Festival 1248

by Tara Waters Lumpkin

Formed in 1993 in Eugene, Oregon, the Western Environmental Law Center (WELC) states its mission as using “the power of the law to defend and protect the American West’s treasured landscapes, iconic wildlife…

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- Sep 16, 2013
In Palm Oil’s Wake: an interview with Robert Hii
In Palm Oil’s Wake: an interview with Robert Hii 476

by Kathryn Pardo

There are already 8 million acres of land cleared for palm oil plantations in Indonesia and 9 million in Malaysia, and, according to Rainforest Action Network, the Indonesian government is already planning…

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- Aug 19, 2013
How Craft Beer Can Save the World
How Craft Beer Can Save the World 480

by Jessica Schmonsky

Beer is an ancient beverage with roots growing as far back as the fifth millennia BC. Since malts and hops and barley were first brewed together, the recipe for this popular beverage has endured some drastic…

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- Jun 13, 2013