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Elephant Depression
Elephant Depression 1248

by Tara Waters Lumpkin

"Depression is biological," The experts say. "Feel good! Take Prozac,

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- Oct 04, 2021
Meeting with an Elephant
Meeting with an Elephant 496

by Lysander Christo

In this unprincipled time of elephant carnage in the name of ivory, my wife, son and I have come to view elephants as being on equal footing, searching for them with a guide on conservation lands.

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- Aug 27, 2017
My life in the Naimina Enkiyio Forest, Part 2
My life in the Naimina Enkiyio Forest, Part 2 543

by Alfred Mepukori

Continue on the journey through the forests of East Africa with Maasai warrior Alfred Mepukori, who tells readers about growing up Maasai, why elephants matter, and survival in the Naimina Enkiyio Forest.

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- Nov 18, 2013
Allison Argo: filmmaker, conservationist
Allison Argo: filmmaker, conservationist 485

by Mary Bates

Raised in a theatrical family, filmmaker Allison Argo learned early on the art of storytelling. And when she met Ivan, a 27-year-old gorilla held in a 14-by-14 foot concrete cell in a mall in Tacoma, Washington,…

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- Jan 28, 2013
New Protection for the Heart of the Congo
New Protection for the Heart of the Congo 507

by Kathryn Dixon

The Sahgha Tri-National Protected Area (TNS) bounds 10,000 square miles (25,000 square kilometers) of one of the most pristine regions of equatorial Africa, encompassing tropical forests, wetlands and…

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- Jul 11, 2012
Izilwane Remembers Lawrence Anthony
Izilwane Remembers Lawrence Anthony 476

by Kathryn Pardo

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA—The world is saying goodbye this month to one of the most fascinating conservationists of this generation. Elephant Whisperer – so-called because of his ability to understand…

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- Mar 16, 2012
Elephant Sanctuary
Elephant Sanctuary 545

by John Michaloski

CHITWAN, NEPAL For three months, John Michaloski bathed, fed, and tended to elephants in Chitwan, Nepal, where he developed a relationship with an elephant named Sundar Kali. Here, John reflects on his…

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- Apr 21, 2011