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Wolf Culling Enacted by Government
Wolf Culling Enacted by Government 476

by Kathryn Pardo

WASHINGTON, DC—The Idaho Department of Fish and Game plans to implement aerial hunting of wolves this year, using federal funds to support the culling. The ultimate goal of this plan is not to effectively…

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- Feb 12, 2012
Those Dammed Salmon
Those Dammed Salmon 572

by Greg Stahl

For thousands of years, salmon have been the beating heart of Idaho. They have fed families, boosted the economy, challenged determined anglers, nourished the bodies and spirits of Native Americans, and…

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- Jun 29, 2011
Lessons From Wolves
Lessons From Wolves 578

by Jami Wright

Anthropologist Jami Wright studied wolf reintroduction in Idaho by studying Idahoans. She found that many wolf complaints had more to do with people than the predator.

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- Oct 22, 2010
Falcon Watch
Falcon Watch 535

by Zoe Krasney

Writer Zoe Krasney meets with biologists at a site for the Pelegrine Fund’s Aplomado Falcon Release Program. While witnessing captivity-bred fledglings take flight, she examines the challenges of protecting…

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- Sep 30, 2010