Voices for Biodiversity

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Zoos: Confinement or Conservation?
Zoos: Confinement or Conservation? 751

by Nathan Woosley

Four years ago, I was living with a couple of friends in Shenyang, Northeast China. We spent a lot of our time exploring old ruins, knockoff shops and other tourist traps throughout the industrial city.…

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- Dec 06, 2015
Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil
Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil 476

by Kathryn Pardo

Recently, thanks in part to the work of Voices for Biodiversity, monstrous, forest-chomping companies like Asia Pulp and Paper and their relatives in the palm oil industry, Golden Agri Resources, both…

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- Feb 03, 2014
The Bones of Contention
The Bones of Contention 495

by Cyril Christo and Marie Wilkinson

In November, 2013, photographer and poet Cyril Christo traveled to Colorado with his family to watch the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service demolish six tons of illegal ivory in hopes of delivering a message…

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- Jan 13, 2014
Nina Simons: Women, Leadership and Conservation
Nina Simons: Women, Leadership and Conservation 535

by Zoe Krasney

Nina Simons is the co-founder of Bioneers, a gathering of social and scientific innovators that focuses on furthering a cooperative global culture while fostering sustainability and collaboration.

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- Dec 02, 2013
My life in the Naimina Enkiyio Forest, Part 1
My life in the Naimina Enkiyio Forest, Part 1 543

by Alfred Mepukori

The area of land popularly known as Loita lies in southern Kenya between the Ngurman-Magadi escarpment and the Maasai Mara National Game Reserve. It covers an area of 1,700 km2 within the Loita Division…

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- Nov 11, 2013
Unnatural in Nature
Unnatural in Nature 521

by Ross Honig

In today’s society, so many of us are unaware of the human footprint we leave on this planet. Throughout this photo essay, American University student Ross Honig tries to create simple snapshots of the…

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- Oct 21, 2013