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The Worst Hard Time
The Worst Hard Time 578

by Jami Wright

In The Worst Hard Time, Pulitzer Prize winning author Timothy Egan penetrates the American experience of the Dust Bowl through interviews with a soon-to-be lost generation. This era made its mark despite…

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- Sep 10, 2012
Monster of God
Monster of God 578

by Jami Wright

In Monster of God David Quammen, author of Song of the Dodo and a writer for National Geographic Magazine, takes his readers around the world and simultaneously delves into the human psyche probing the…

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- Mar 17, 2011
Lessons From Wolves
Lessons From Wolves 578

by Jami Wright

Anthropologist Jami Wright studied wolf reintroduction in Idaho by studying Idahoans. She found that many wolf complaints had more to do with people than the predator.

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- Oct 22, 2010