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Fieldwork in Namibia
Fieldwork in Namibia 1248

by Tara Waters Lumpkin

In old Africa: Dust stirred by bare feet and lions’ paws . . . Gone now.

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- Sep 20, 2021
A World Without Elephants
A World Without Elephants 535

by Zoe Krasney

As I write this, I just learned about the horror of 87 elephants slaughtered for their ivory in Botswana in early September.

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- Oct 17, 2018
Namibia Abstracts
Namibia Abstracts 1043

by Michael Washburn

At dawn on my first morning in Namibia, I joined a small-plane flyover of the NamibRand desert and Sossusvlei sand dunes. Despite my extensive travels, I could never have imagined what was unfolding below…

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- Apr 04, 2018
The Living Boulders of  a Faraway Time
The Living Boulders of  a Faraway Time 495

by Cyril Christo and Marie Wilkinson

We walked among the armored behemoths in total awe, mesmerized  by the sands and giant green euphorbia bushes that seemed to be from a primeval time.  My wife Marie and I came within 40 feet of a single…

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- Aug 14, 2017
Forecasting a Future for Cheetahs
Forecasting a Future for Cheetahs 586

by Sarah Abdelrahim

Ecoreporter Sarah Abdelrahim interviews Dr. Laurie Marker of the nonprofit, A Future for Cheetahs, to gain insight on the global cheetah population, the key drivers in their decline, and recent successes…

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- May 11, 2015
Desert Lion Tourism
Desert Lion Tourism 511

by Clare Helen Galloway

I attended a presentation last night by Dr. Flip Stander, who is the leading lion expert in Namibia. It was a fascinating look at the last 15 years of his life spent with the desert lions in the Kaokoveld…

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- Jul 12, 2013
Saving Big Cats: an interview with Dr. Laurie Marker
Saving Big Cats: an interview with Dr. Laurie Marker 465

by Altaire Cambata

Dr. Laurie Marker is the co-founder and executive director of the Cheetah Conservation Fund, which helps protect these charismatic big cats worldwide. She helped develop international captive breeding…

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- Dec 05, 2011