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Time to BioBlitz
Time to BioBlitz 928

by Gemina Garland-Lewis

I’m standing in the Hoh rainforest in Olympic National Park, a light drizzle starting to come down on this late day in May. I’m surrounded by people who are absolutely enthralled by the various mosses,…

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- Oct 16, 2017
Searching for Fish in Cameroon
Searching for Fish in Cameroon 932

by Joe Cutler

Crowds of people funneled past me as I unloaded my sampling equipment from the back of a taxi in Cameroon’s Kumba Market. The driver helped me pull my gear from the trunk: a huge backpack, a sack of gillnets,…

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- Jul 02, 2017
In Search of Blue Tang
In Search of Blue Tang 855

by Shannon Switzer Swanson

When Disney’s blockbuster Finding Dory hit theaters in June of 2016, it brought an endearing fish back into the spotlight — blue tang.

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- Dec 15, 2016
Q&A with Luke Dollar
Q&A with Luke Dollar 552

by Julia Osterman

Luke Dollar, a conservation biologist whose work on the fossa in Madagascar has revealed much about an otherwise esoteric species, speaks about the importance of involving people in conservation, his research…

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- Apr 30, 2012