Voices for Biodiversity

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Waiting for Owls
Waiting for Owls 917

by Laurel Mundy

In the woods, the air is still and quiet. The ground is warm from the sunshine that beats down on the hillside all day, but mostly, it’s dark. The lightest breeze brings the smell of ponderosa bark and…

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- Jun 26, 2017
I Dream of Bison
I Dream of Bison 750

by Elke Duerr

I grew up on an organic farm in Germany. By the time I was born, we Germans had already wiped out our large mammals; the wisent (German bison), wolf, bear, lynx, wild cats, auroxen, moose and elk were…

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- Jan 13, 2017
Biodiversity of the Dry Tortugas
Biodiversity of the Dry Tortugas 809

by BinBin Li

I visited Dry Tortugas National Park in 2013 and 2015 as part of a field class taught by Dr. Stuart Pimm at Duke University. Located 68 miles west of Key West, this 100 square mile national park is mostly…

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- Mar 28, 2016
Creating Ice Storms
Creating Ice Storms 807

by Lindsey Rustad

Ice storms are extreme winter weather events that inspire wonder and fear in people who live and work in northern temperate and boreal forests around the world. They are major causes of disturbance in…

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- Mar 20, 2016
The Matter of Life and Death
The Matter of Life and Death 745

by Kathleen Brennan

As a lifelong photographer and multi-disciplinary artist, I am repeatedly drawn to the harsh beauty of the elemental transformations that occur in our everyday lives. I have photographed birth, death,…

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- Feb 11, 2016
For the Wolves, For the Land
For the Wolves, For the Land 535

by Zoe Krasney

Eco-reporter Zoe Krasney recently interviewed filmmaker and photographer Elke Duerr after she founded the Web of Life Foundation (WOLF), which is devoted to education and outreach to communities in close…

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- Aug 08, 2015
It's Not Easy Being Clean
It's Not Easy Being Clean 641

by Terence Hyland

Renewable energy provides an abundance of benefits: few carbon dioxide emissions, improved air quality, and the economic promise of new jobs. But even the most well-intentioned technologies can have unintended…

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- Mar 22, 2015
Coyote Killing Contests: The Truth
Coyote Killing Contests: The Truth 582

by Georgia Woodroffe

Since Europeans first set foot on the American continent, war has been waged against predators, with bounties and other lethal programs put on their heads. But, when a predator is no longer a threat, when…

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- May 22, 2014
The Bison of Yellowstone National Park
The Bison of Yellowstone National Park 582

by Georgia Woodroffe

Yellowstone National Park is America’s oldest national park. It is also home to many large mammals, including elk, wolves, moose, bears and bison, the charismatic megafauna of the American West. But the…

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- May 06, 2014
Sculpting Nature: Memories in Stone
Sculpting Nature: Memories in Stone 574

by Zoe Stoenner

Statues are ubiquitous; they stand watch in front of government buildings, adorn city towers, and are monuments to what we humans hold in high esteem. While many sculptures are a testament to our history…

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- Nov 04, 2013
Unnatural in Nature
Unnatural in Nature 521

by Ross Honig

In today’s society, so many of us are unaware of the human footprint we leave on this planet. Throughout this photo essay, American University student Ross Honig tries to create simple snapshots of the…

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- Oct 21, 2013
Urban Wild: Getting Outside In the City
Urban Wild: Getting Outside In the City 566

by Ryan Saunders

The relationship overlooked most in today’s modern culture is that between humans and the basic, natural environment. We all seek to reconcile this separation in various ways. We have the power to shut…

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- Oct 07, 2013