Voices for Biodiversity


Voices for Biodiversity’s gallery section is designed to showcase photos, videos, podcasts and inspire audiences to understand their connection with nature and other species through radiant, evocative, and fleeting sights and sounds. Our galleries communicate the beauty of natural landscapes around the world as well as the magnificence of nature hidden in our own backyards.

  • For the Birds

    For the Birds

    Photos: Geraint Smith
    Author: Kathryn Pardo

    - Feb 01, 2011
    When asked about what inspires his art, photographer Geraint Smith smiles and pauses thoughtfully.…

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  • The Galapagos

    The Galapagos

    Photos: Robert Katz
    Author: Kathryn Pardo

    - Dec 12, 2010
    Lying six hundred miles off of the coast of Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands dot the Pacific Ocean…

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  • Student of the Horse

    Student of the Horse

    Photos: Kellie Gibbs
    Author: Susan Ramsey

    - Sep 24, 2010
    "I'm not a horse whisperer. I am a student of the horse. Our body language becomes the curious discourse…

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  • Philippine Marine Life

    Philippine Marine Life

    Photos: Brian Kramer
    Author: Amy Carfagno

    - Sep 22, 2010
    Scuba diver Brian Kramer photographed some of the vast marine life in the 7,107 islands of the Philippines.…

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  • Encore Career

    Encore Career

    Photos: Jack Burtt
    Author: Amy Carfagno

    - Aug 28, 2010
    Jack Burtt left his accounting career in 2004 to begin an encore career as an independent traveler…

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