Voices for Biodiversity

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Letter to Leviathan
Letter to Leviathan 1098

by Cyril Christo

He who fights with monsters should be careful lest he thereby become a monster. And if thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee.

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- Dec 05, 2018
The Worlds Within Us
The Worlds Within Us 865,1096

by Andrew Flachs, Joseph Orkin

Biodiversity builds resilient ecosystems. While our imaginations are stirred by charismatic animals and plants, who help attach a face to conservation and ground our attention, they only make up a fraction…

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- Nov 21, 2018
Love of the Wild Ones
Love of the Wild Ones 750

by Elke Duerr

I have set up my tent at the wonderful backpacker campground right by the water. The air is still and aside from birds chirping and the faint noise of a plane engine, there is silence all around me.

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- Nov 07, 2018
A World Without Elephants
A World Without Elephants 535

by Zoe Krasney

As I write this, I just learned about the horror of 87 elephants slaughtered for their ivory in Botswana in early September.

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- Oct 17, 2018
A Sapphire in the Rough
A Sapphire in the Rough 1089

by Joe Gray

It is early June 2018, and I am kneeling down with my face just inches from the short herb layer that makes up the rough along the border of a golf course. The course is that of Royston Golf Club in Hertfordshire,…

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- Oct 03, 2018
F. Malby-Anthony’s Memoir of Conservation and Inspiration
F. Malby-Anthony’s Memoir of Conservation and Inspiration 582

by Georgia Woodroffe

Françoise Malby-Anthony and her husband, best-selling author Lawrence Anthony, ran the Thula Thula game reserve in South Africa together until he suddenly passed away in 2012.

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- Sep 19, 2018
How Do Dams Fall? Conversations with the Colorado River
How Do Dams Fall? Conversations with the Colorado River 1083

by Will Falk

When I joined Colorado River Ecosystem v. Colorado, the first-ever federal lawsuit to seek personhood and the rights of nature for a major ecosystem, my intentions were not completely sincere. The truth…

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- Sep 05, 2018
Book Review: Continental Divide
Book Review: Continental Divide 1079

by Vicky Ramakka

This could be a coffee table book. It’s large, with the dimensions of a three-ring binder. It’s fat, at 292 pages, and it’s full of pictures. But don’t let your dinner guests flip through it — the full-page…

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- Jul 18, 2018
Guarding Lions
Guarding Lions 582

by Georgia Woodroffe

Africa’s lion population has decreased by an estimated 50 percent in the last 50 years. Due to habitat loss, depletion of wild prey, poor livestock management and conflict with humans, it is believed that…

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- Jul 04, 2018
Look, Whales!
Look, Whales! 750

by Elke Duerr

The whales had been calling me for years. I could hear their song all the way from the desert. When I finally made it to a high point off the Pacific Coast, I felt relieved to have heeded their call. I…

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- Jun 27, 2018
Sunny Day Flooding
Sunny Day Flooding 1076

by Melissa Papp

Flooding and storm surges are dangerous threats that became all too real for the entire state of Florida when Hurricane Irma struck on September 10, 2017. Living on the west coast of Florida, I was frantically…

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- Jun 20, 2018
Fighting for Survival: Lifting Up Indigenous Voices
Fighting for Survival: Lifting Up Indigenous Voices 586

by Sarah Abdelrahim

Indigenous peoples play a crucial role in protecting and advocating for global biodiversity. According to the United Nations, there are 370 million Indigenous peoples around the world — almost 5 percent…

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- Jun 13, 2018